General Dermatology

Acne and Related Problems

Black Head & White Heads
Pimple (Acne)
Acne Rosacea
Acne Scarring & Pigmentation

Black Spots & Pigmentation

Melasma (Cholasma)
Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Leukoderma and Vitiligo

White Spot
Medical Treatment
Surgical Treatment

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (VD)

Genital Ulcers
Genital Ulcers
White Discharge in Females
Burning Micturition
Urethral Discharge in Male

Nail Diseases

Fungal Infection
Swelling & Itching Around the Nail
Ingrowing Toe Nail
Nail Discolouration

Sex Related Problem

Premature Ejaculation
Difficulty in Erection
Sexual Counselling
Infertility & Contraceptive Advice

Dermatosurgery & Cosmetology

Chemical Peeling:
For Reducing Fine Lines, Acne
Chicken Pox Scars
Mole Excision
Radio Frequency Surgery
Laser Surgeries
Nail Surgeries
Puva Therapy / UVB Therapy
For Vitiligo and Psoriasis
Cosmetic Surgeries
Skin Grafting for White Skin
Warts, Corns Scars, Keloids
Fractional CO2, Laser

Hair & Scalp Problems

Hair Fall
Baldness Alopecia Areata
Itching Over the Scalp
Premature Graying of Hair
Unwanted Hair in Females
Laser Hair Removal

Botox for Wrinkles & Smooth Skin

Fillers for Wrinkles & Smooth Skin

Laser & Surgeries for Acne Scars